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23 April
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Update: 27/1/2015!

*waves* hi. I've been lurking around for the most part but I'm back. Sort of.

A twenty something year-old girl who loves music, fashion and is pretty much obsessed with Japan.

I'm a big NEWS fan, my favourite member being Koyama Keiichiro ♥! After watching a clip or drama, I might just go "AHH TEGOSHI ♥!!" but Keichan is still the best for me and if I were to go for concerts, I'd definitely carry a Keichan uchiwa XD

I also like other JE groups - KAT-TUN comes 2nd! (Favourite member was.. Jin ;_; .. now I'm torn between Kame and Ueda...).

I randomly keep up with Arashi, Kanjani8 and Hey! Say! Jump! too, but not as much honestly.

Other interests include: EXILE, Generations (somewhat), Sato Takeru, Mizushima Hiro.. and random kpop stars (I blame the k-dramas!)...

P.S: Recent entries are friends-locked.

Feel free to add me but I'd prefer it if you comment or talk to me first so that I'd know who you are before adding you back XD

My pretty spazzy journal kind of died off in 2010 or so... *bows*

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